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What To Expect In Youth Amplify Magazine Issue 3.

What To Expect In Youth Amplify Magazine Issue 3.

They say building a foundation is the hardest part of building a house. We consider building this magazine our foundation and working on the third issue was such an exhilarating journey. We worked with literally everyone to make sure that we have come up with a publication that does not disappoint.

As part of the building journey we are making the magazine digital and trying to make it more accessible to you. We have created an interesting way to read this third issue not just on print but also on this website. Buckle up for some of the top stories we compiled for you this month.

7 ways to successfully slide in the DMs

How do you crack into someone’s IG heart and find out what it requires and how GIF’s can be a good way to slide into someone’s DM.

The art of flirting

Is being direct and saucy, work when you are shooting your shot? We broke down some ways you can flirt your way into a man’s heart and how to flirt with fun and ease.

Black Hair Magic

The Zagger took a look at some of the things that are a must for you to do in order to take care of your natural black hair. We examine some of the products that are good for your hair scalp and hair in general.

The fall and rise of Billy the GOAT

If you told Billy the G.O.A.T five years ago that he would be one of the biggest Twitter personalities in the country, he would have laughed in your face. Fast forward to now and about 10 years on Twitter and one account down, he does not seem to bow out easily.

The shutdown of his account left him down but not out and he came back real hard. Youth Amplify sought to find out just what went through his head when the account got shut down and his perspectives on the online space in Kenya currently.

Linkosi Clothing line unveiled

L&C just launched its fashion line and we sat down with the head of the fashion house to find out what the new fashion line means to him and what stood out for him in the making of the new brand and what is next…..

Hype from the Hypemasters

Do they sell happiness low-key we sought to find out what hype masters actually do? We sat down with Kadir from SK Graphics to explain it better for us and here are some of his two cents about it.

Key ways to raise your personal value

Value has a value only if it’s value is valued Nzomo Stephen examines why we focus a lot on monetary value and not on personal value and why we should grow it every single time.

Is fit the new sexy?

We all admire people with manly features and thick women but is fit the new sexy? We sort to dig deeper into why being fit is sexy and why the gym is one of those places to start your journey to be fit.

Palazzo pant outfit ideas in Kenya

From floral, animal, stripped, just which pants are the best and which ones will make you pop. Our writers collected some of the best Palazzo Print ideas that are sexy and will definitely give you that sexy Kenyan feel.

Are you prepared?

Sharon Mwende delves on the importance of having important mental peace and why it is important to plan yourself. Why it is important not to get sucked into the pressure of “Uko 25 na bado hujaolewa?”

Goals and goal setting

“One thing we must be aware of is that we need to keep an open mind always. Goals and systems change all the time. Do not fixate on one thing for a long time.” Charity Njoki muses on the importance of goals and goal setting just why is it important and why does it matter?

Sharp objects

“He undressed me and cut right to the chase”. A lady recounts her first sexual experience and how it scarred her for other love and sexual experiences.

Gengtone: On its way out or here to stay

Our resident music writer and reviewer Rimi Kairo analysed the way Nigerian music was locked out of the Kenyan scene and some of the groups responsible for this? he also asks the fundamental question will the wave really last?

The Red Peugeot

Our writer recounts the significance of a red Peugeot that has been in the family and how it is symbolic for her on many levels. In this enlightening short story account she intertwines her relationship with the car and her relationship with her father.

The House hunting nightmare

Why does your surrounding and nearness to your home matter? Anny Artsy tries to find out why house hunting is such a huge and draining task and seeks to make it simple for you.

Dread heads? Where did they actually come from?

From the misconception of where they came from to misunderstanding of Rastafarian culture. We seek to bring out the true meaning of Rastafarianism and dreadlocks and where it really came from.

When bestie turns into a snack

“They say every dude has a female member that all friends think he smashes but that is not the case, they are just friends. “ This piece tries to investigate is this statement true or is it just a case of keeping a chicken for a pet

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