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What To Do When Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

What To Do When Your Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Every Instagram account can be hacked. No matter how good your password is, it can still be hacked. You need to know how to fix a hack.

Takes notes. I’ll walk you through on what to do if your account gets hacked.

How to Know If Your Instagram Account Got Hacked

1. Check your email regularly. If someone changes your password you should receive an email from Instagram.

2. Check your Instagram Account activities. Check if there is anything unusual. Check your stories, posts, comments and DM’s.

3. If you are really having problems trying to login into your account, then there is a possibility that you may have been hacked.

What To Do If Instagram Account Is hacked.


Step 1: Change Your Instagram Password

If only your password has been changed, you can get your Instagram account back by resetting the password. On your Android or iPhone, go to the login screen and tap on Forgot Password?.

Follow the on-screen instructions by entering your email ID. You’ll then receive an email to reset the password. Click on the link and create the new password. Make sure that the new password is strong and isn’t one that you might have used previously.

Step 2: Revoke Access to Suspicious Applications

Sometimes an app can prevent you from logging into your account. If you get to login, head over to your Profile Section, click on the Gear icon and select apps. From here you’ll see a list of apps that have access to your Instagram. Remove those that you are not using.

Step 3: Restore Your Hacked Account

If you get hacked and the hacker completely takes over the account by changing your email address and password then this might be a bit difficult.

Hacked Instagram

You’ll need to act fast the moment that you receive a notification email from Instagram. The email will tell you that your password or email address has been changed.

You’ll also find a Revert this change (or reset your password) link in case the password change wasn’t authorized by you. Click on it to make your request.

Once submitted, Instagram’s security team will contact you and ask you to verify your identity. They’ll ask you to take a pic of yourself holding a paper which has the handwritten code that Instagram had sent you.

After all these you’ll just have to wait for Instagram security team to do their work. Later on you’ll get an email saying that you account has been restored back to you.

Step 4: Ensure Your Instagram Doesn’t Get Hacked Again

There is no guarantee that your account won’t get hacked again. You can only use preventive measures to prevent that from happening again.

Choose a Stronger Password

A strong password contains letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Your password should be at least 10 characters long. It should also have uppercase letters and lowercase letters. You password should not be something connected to you. It should be very unique.

Change Your Password Regularly

Once in a while change your passwords and don’t share your password with anyone.

What to do when you get hacked

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

The best way to protect your account is to set up the Two-Factor Authentication feature.

If you don’t know what 2FA is, here’s why you should use two-factor authentication. Every time you log in to your Instagram account, it will send a one-time security code to your phone as a text message. Only after entering this code can you access your account.

With this option getting hacked won’t be that easy.

To enable the two-factor authentication feature, go to your Profile > Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Get Started.

From here select to receive the verification code via a text message.

Don’t Let the Instagram Hackers Win

If you have had your Instagram hacked we hope this article has helped you regain control over your account. And by following the simple advice above you should help prevent further incursions into your Instagram account.

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