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What Exactly Does DJ Khaled Do?

So, I’m sure you know who DJ Khaled is. How could you not? It’s practically impossible to have the radio on for more than 5 minutes without hearing “D-D-D-D-DJ KHAAALED” or “WE THE BEST MUSIC!”

What Exactly Does DJ Khaled Do?

So, I’m sure you know who DJ Khaled is. How could you not? It’s practically impossible to have the radio on for more than 5 minutes without hearing “D-D-D-D-DJ KHAAALED” or “WE THE BEST MUSIC!” or if you’re really lucky, both. But what exactly is it that DJ Khaled does… or is yelling his name on every song on the radio his job? Let’s (try to) find out!

Before we continue on, I just want to get this out of the way: His name is literally “Khaled Khaled.” First name: Khaled. Middle name: Mohamaded. Last name: Khaled. Put it all together and what’ve we got? Khaled Khaled! Fantastic, let’s get back to work here, folks.

According to his Wikipedia page, which we all know is the Number One Source For Reliable Information, he is a “record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive, and author,” however, I’m still not convinced.

Khaled (am I saying his first name or his last name? You’ll never know and tbh, neither will I) grew up in a musical household; both of his parents were musicians who played Arabic music. He became interested in rap and soul as a teenager. He began working at a record store in New Orleans (where he’s from) and met Lil Wayne and Birdman before either of them made it big.

I hope you guys are wearing your seat-belts, because this is a rollercoaster. Please, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

Here’s where the “DJ” part of “DJ Khaled” comes in. After leaving the record store he began DJing, working with mostly dancehall and hip-hop, and eventually he landed a co-hosting gig at a radio station in Miami. So we can confirm, he was, at one point, a DJ. Three years later, he released his debut album Listennn… The Album, in June of 2006. There are 17 tracks total on the album, yet DJ Khaled is only listed as the producer on three of them.

He is credited as a performer, but they must have a very loose definition of the term “performer,” since all he does is, as you guessed it, yell.

Since Listen… The Album, DJ Khaled has released nine more albums, the most recent of which being Father of Asahd in May of this year. In this album there are 34 featured artists, 25 producers and over 100 writers. He spent a total of 5 million dollars just to produce this album.

Now, you’ve probably got a lot of questions at this point, and I’m hoping the two main ones are: “How is a baby an executive producer of a number one album and have his own attorney to handle his royalties while I am struggling to function as an adult?” and “…If DJ Khaled has been releasing albums for 14 years, why does it seem like he just now took over the world?” I can only answer the second question, as I too am still trying to wrap my mind around Baby Asahd.

DJ Khaled’s take over of the entire music world can be attributed to one thing: Snapchat. In 2015, Khaled started posting videos of his of his “Keys to Success.” Practically overnight, the entire world was yelling “MAJOR KEY!” which is what Khaled seemed to say 100 times in a 10-second video.

The real kicker was when he got lost in the middle of the ocean on a jet ski, and decided instead of calling for help, he would document the entire process of him trying to find his way home, at least, until his phone died. Basically, he meme’d himself. Like so many “celebrities” today, he blew up due to people wanting to see what insane thing he would do next.

Also, he’s an author. 2 years ago he wrote a book titled The Keys, but a quote from that book is literally, “I need you to overstand this … because I need you to more than understand (p.5)” so I’m not even going to bother talking more about this.

So class, what have we learned? Yes, DJ Khaled was, at one point or another, an actual DJ. If you would consider him a DJ now is entirely up to you, but I, personally, would not. He wrote a book, so he is also technically an author.

But in the end, it seems like his career really is just to yell his name and one of his countless catchphrases on a song and have it go straight to number one. Also, he’s a really, really, good dad and he knows how to make hit songs. So I’m going to just make an executive decision here and say what DJ Khaled does is be a loving, supporting father who just happens to be dominating the Billboard Charts.

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