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WANJA: Beauty With Brains

Beauty with brains…. Instagram is an app that has done a lot of transformation by creating new stars and socialites.


Instagram is an app that has done a lot of transformation by creating new stars and socialites. It has created a platform where people share ideas, interests and can express themselves.


Wanja, is however not an exemption in this. She has been using her Instagram page to express herself and has proven her great love towards fashion & modelling. I happened to talk to her and this was what she had to say;

Who is Wanja?

I am Gladys Wanjaa, 19 years of age..Just a chilled lady.

• Where do you come from?

I come from Kimathi area where i was raised,,I come from a family of four,my lovely brother and i
• Do you have a hobby or a talent?

Talent……mmmh…. for now no, buh I got too many hobbies, which include travelling, photography, watching animations, dancing, listening to music toooo

• Are you a student?

Nope,for now I ain’t in school.

• What do you do for a living?

I am just hustling, so as to earn a living, I deal with selling fabrics.

• Your best and worst moments in life?

My best moment was when my beloved brother was born. I was really longing for a sibling…

My worst moment was when my dad lost his job(sobs). Life became soo hard for us as a family but am thankful to GOD that all is well now we ain’t struggling much.

• Which is your biggest achievement so far?

I can be able to manage and run my own business. I can also work without supervision

• Which is your best music genre?

Sinanga(laughs) mi huskiza adi mugithi na rhumba, but at times it depends with the occassion… dunda lazima gengetone, dancehall, riddims, naija.

• Who is your best musician?

I am kinda a romantic guy, I love listening to Khalid songs

• Do you have a celebrity crush?

I love listening to Justin Beiber and still do..

• Many guys refer you as a ‘diva’. How do you take it?

I ain’t a diva but would like to have one..

• Which is your dream?

My dream is to become a designer where I will have the best clothe line in the world.

• Do you have a role model?



My mum..

Why? She has contributed a lot in my life and seeing how she strives makes me wanna do more…

• What motivates you in your daily to daily activities?

Praying and putting God first in all I do. Prayers overcomes my fears.(sighs)

• How about your instagram page?

Oooow yeah, my Instagram page as @W.a.n.j.a, it has become a better page now. I just love it..I hope it will help me to grow as well.

• How long have you been in instagram?

Since last year August. So it has been a one year three months journey…

• What makes you an instagram addict?

Am not such an addicted towards the gram,but I know I with time I’ll be.

“Am not such an addict towards the gram but I know with time I’ll be.”

• Which challenges do you face as an instagram socialite?

Guys all over my dm trying their vibing games”hahah” some are usually very nasty and worst of all I was almost conned after replying to a certain dm.

• Your page is full of high quality photos,who are your best photographers?

My best photographers are
They the best,
• Are you an ambassador or marketing personel to any firm or organization?

Nope at the moment but would like to become one….If it pays why not give in. It’ll be an honour to be receiving such titles.

• You seem to be mad in love with fashion,why?

Yeah. I have 100% passion towards fashion. It becomes legit when someone dresses in a different and unique way. It brings joy and attention too.

• Would you mind sharing your social media handles?

FACEBOOK: Wanja Glado

INSTAGRAM: w.a.n.j.a._

• Which advice would you give to girls in our country?

Last but not the least, a word of advice i’d like to give you, both ladies and gents, reading this article is that


Follow your dream there is no copy of you so work hard, make yourself and brand and all will follow. Believe in yourself because you are in this world for a reason so live up to it. eeey am almost preaching…..huu

conclusion? Guys please follow us,support us and we’ll prosper together.Mob love from Wanja and Stein Boy.Follow us @w.a.n.j.a._ @stein_boy_@youthamplify magazine…. .

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6 thoughts on “WANJA: Beauty With Brains

  1. My woman… Am very proud of you babe…. She has been my friend since childhood, she is my neighbor 😍…I just love how she is social, friendly and sweet…. She is one in a million❤Babe I wish you all the best in your endeavors and al be ready to support you in everything…… Nakupenda Ka mum❤❤❤

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