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Trending Automotive Technology.

In every war weapons almost always win the war. The superior side is the one with greater ammo or lots of gunfire. If you don’t believe me why don’t you ask the Japanese, when the twin bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Or maybe the Nandi resistance who fought against “sticks that spit fire”. I hope I’ve driven my point home.

In the automotive world, the same
principle applies. The war uses the same weapons but the artillery is what actually wins the battles.

The primary weapon is a four wheeled machine powered by a couple of cylinders. The artillery is what defines the winner. I guess that’s why THE BEAST, is considered the best car.

The VW Touareg and the Audi Q7, the Camaro and the Ford GT, Mark X and the Nissan Fuga, Toyota TX and the Chevrolet Trailblazer, the Vanguard and the X-Trail all are in the same battle of having higher sales than its competitor, the one who wins is the one whose artillery of technology is trendiest.

Today’s technology covers safety, luxury, comfort, security, outlook (class and elegance) and of course; convenience.

Let me give you a view of the trending automotive technologies manufactures are using to triumph over their Nemesis in this glorious war. One of the few wars without casualties. For this week I’ll focus on the safety technologies and there will be subsequent posts for all the tech categories.

The major technological advancement on safety of your machine is the Emergency Assist feature. Better safe than sorry. Many manufactures know this as a result of lawsuits arising from accidents due to the Car’s poor security.

Since every action force has a reaction force, they have seriously embarked on the journey to making their customers safer on the roads. This feature encompasses numerous other technologies. Sit back, relax and read your way through.

1. Lane departure warning: being on the road for long periods lead to you being distracted or even sleepy. This one is for you. This feature uses a series of cameras fitted on the car’s front to detect when you leave the lane. An audio notification of vibration on the

seat or steering will knock you back to reality. In advanced systems (Lane keeping assist) the car is even nudged back into the lane. Note: this is not a gateway for you to DUI, drive under the influence.

2. AEB: Automatic emergency braking. As of 1st May 2022 all cars manufactured in America must have this tech. this greatly reduces the number of accidents. With the basis of Adaptive Cruise Control,

AEB the car, by use of sensors is able to apply emergency brakes automatically if the sensors detected the car is coming too close to other objects. Now isn’t that a definition of safe??

3. Rear cross Traffic light – cameras have blind spots, that area that they just can’t see. That’s sorted. If you are a car owner and your car has no reverse camera, you must be joking. For us the serious drivers this technology allows for sensors in the rear of the car to inform the system when a pedestrian, car or cyclist strolls into your sphere.

The car turns a series of lights to inform the other party that you are reversing, if they fail to heed the warning, the car applies brakes. This feature works even a few moments after the engine is turned off. That should save you from third party compensations.

4. Intersection and park assist – now if you haven’t heard of this, kindly reach out to me or a car doctor. The Audi A8 enables you to get out of the car and engage the auto park feature. Again, sensors and cameras and autonomous driving allows you to park and get out of tight spots. No more straining your muscles engaging gears as you park. This guarantees that you won’t dent your Babe’s paint of bumpers.

5. Emergency calls – this feature really made me feel at peace. But it’s considered effective only if you don’t die on the scene. In the event of an accident, the seat beat sensors and the airbag deployment send a message to the system which in turn makes a call to the service center. They dispatch emergency services. This is common in the Volkswagen.

If you ain’t dead yet, the service center can still be contacted by the touch of a button. This is a lifesaving feature. This is the worst case scenario. If the car detects that the driver is no longer in control, it sends messages to the driver.

If the driver is still unresponsive, hazard lights are turned on. Hope you know their purpose. Eventually the ACC is used to control the car and maneuver through traffic and eventually bring it to a standstill.

This post is just the beginning more technologies will be added, am sure you are amazed, but yes all these are already in play within the motor world.

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