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Top 10 Must-follow Instagrammers In Kenya

Dennis Menez

Instagram is clearly the right place to be for influencer marketing In Kenya…. But who are the greatest young Instagram Influencers in Kenya?

We can’t really tell the exact amount of influence this influencers have but we can all agree that the guys have a huge influence on Instagram.

We’ve listed the top 10 Instagram soshi’s in Kenya. You can go ahead and follow all of them. Just click on their image and you’ll be redirected to their Instagram page.

Top 10 Kenyan Instagrammers.

1. Finesse_ngara_

Finesse Ngara
Finesse Ngara

2. _jimmy_clout_

Jimmy Clout
Jimmy clout

3. _____.mchina.____


4. Mugweru_._


Kenyan oxygen
Kenyan oxygen

6. Dropper_._


7. _mkikuyu_


8. __mtaa_raw__


9. mfalme_.cintah

10. kc.andyy

Thee_pluto and Waiyakiway_niccur are not on this list because we already wrote something about them.

Getting popular on Instagram isn’t that easy. You need the right skills and an awesome personality that is likeable.

To follow any of the above stars just click on their pic or name and don’t forget to follow us ??

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