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The Only One Delo.

Gengetone is a popular music genre in our country today. It has led to rise of stars, vixens, promoters, hypemen, deejays, directors etc. Moreover, it has received a high airplay by the local TV and radio stations. This has outdone naija & bongo hits from their earlier dominancy in the airplays.

Only One Delo is a gengetone artiste who came to super fame after releasing his hit *Chupa ku Chupa. The song was highly appreciated by Kenyans as it was always on the airplay.Luckily I had to talk to him about his music career and as always he had to respond to some questions.   


• Who is this Delo?

Only One Delo is just a young Kenyan artiste who joined and took over the industry in 2019

• When did you start music?

I started music back in 2017.It has been a long journey but here I am.

• What inspired you to do music?

I just discovered it was my thing. I had to do it and make sure I succeed in it.• Which challenges did you face when you were starting?

I never got to face any challenges because I believe in working smart rather hard since I know my potential.

• What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

First of all is the love and support from the fans all over. The second thing is that music is a good platform to reach and encourage many people in life. This is because everyone needs hope so as to make it in this life.


• Which are your best and worst moments in your life?

My best moment is when I was born and came to this world.

My worst moment is the day my dad abandoned me and my mother. I’ll never forget.

• Which label are you currently working with?

Currently am not under any label,am just Delo’s thing.Aloooh!!!!

• How many tracks so far?

I have six tracks…. Chupa ku chupa, Epuka, Sondeka, Kipchoge, Cheza and Tandika which is a collabo with the “Wakuu Family” and “Maddox from Boondocks Gang”

• Which song do you feel is your best song you ever released and why?

Among all my tracks so far, I think chupa ku chupa is my best since it was my first track and has really made me gain a lot in my music career.

• How did you feel after your popular hit’s, “Chupa ku Chupa”, reception?

The popularity of Chupa ku Chupa made me feel my talent was well appreciated and made me focus on more.

• Which is your favourite line in all the songs you have released?

My favourite line in all my tracks so far is “ikus inatupa siwezi fika bei”(gigs)

• Your number of shows has increased, what can you say?

Yeah they have really increased compared to the past.I do Give Thanks To God since He is Great and I can say am blessed too.

• Whom do you admire to collaborate with?

So far I have not thought of any big collaborations,I just have one big tune Tandika with The Wakuu Family and Maddox outta Boondocks Gang.• Do you have a role model?

I believe I am my own role model. Aloooh!!

• What keeps you moving and striving hard?

God,my family and my fans. They make me strive hard and make sure am doing great not to let them down.

• Apart from music what else do you do for a living?

I do business and  have a project known as “Tungarishe mitaa” which is an initiave that helps the needy and empowers the youths in our society.

• If you could change anything in the music industry in Kenya,what would that be?

About the Kenyan Music Industry I think there is nothing to change. So far so good.

• How about your dating life?

My dating life is just perfect. No more or less.

• What is your word to your fans and supporters?

In this life you only live once,so don’t let this paper thing called money or the system hold you down from focusing more to know whom you really are and always out The Most High God first in everything you do.

Focus more on whom you really are and always put God first in everything you do. Aloooh!

• Which are your social media plaftorms and where can we get your latest hits?

My social media platforms are
*Instagram : @Theonlydelo
*Facebook  : @Theonlydelo
*Twitter : @Theonlydelo1

And at the moment you can get all my hits in my youtube channel.

*Youtube :TheOnlyDelo• Any advice to an upcoming artiste who wants to be like you?

To any upcoming artiste all I wanna tell you is Never settle for a NO and always work more smart and less hard.

Never settle for a NO;Always work more smart and less hard

• A word to all the youths in our country Kenya

This is for all the youths countrywide, always know that we grow after every second so its better to learn the life we live and stand up by ourselves. Remember we are the only one who can change the current situation and rectify it for a better future.

Learn the life you live and stand by yourself.
  • Your last words to the Only Delo family & Gengetone Family at large?


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