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Nairobian TV is a local youtube channel show that is usually hosted by Ciku & Vinsky. It entails of many things which include music shows,celebrity interviews and many more.


Nairobian TV is a local youtube channel show that is usually hosted by Ciku & Vinsky. It entails of many things which include music shows,celebrity interviews and many more.

Nairobian TV has become soo famous to the Instagram family as it allows socialites to be able to share more about themselves and what they usually do. I met with the hosts and this is what they had to say..


Yeees bana..Is vipi Mr & Mrs NairobianTV?

CIKU: Salama sana SteinBoy, thanks for having us here. We are really humbled.

• So who is this Mr & Mrs Nairobian TV

I am Vinsky and my sister is called Ciku

• How was Nairobian TV born and who came up with the idea?

VINSKY: I came up with the idea back in 2018 but the show began in April this year since we never had the equipments to start the show then.

• What motivated you to start this show?

CIKU: We noted that the youths usually hold a lot of positivity thus should be embraced so as to guide and encourage them.

• Which audience is your target in this show and how do you attract them?

VINSKY: Youths are our main target as all we do involves them, however, some elder people also seem to be pleased by the show.

CIKU: When we learnt that our fans are mainly youths, we decided to do a show that really involves them and by this we have been able to host many of them and the fan base has really grown.

• How do you choose who to host and who not to host?

VINSKY: We usually interview anyone provided he or she has something positive or entertaining to our viewers

• Do you have a management or you on your own?

CIKU: We usually manage ourselves i.e Vinsky & I, thou we have a small crew that helps us through.

• Which are your best and worst moments as NairobianTV hosts?

VINSKY: I think our best moment as nairobian TV hosts was when we reached 1k subscribers and the views increased too.

CIKU: Our worst moments as hosts was when we were starting the show, it was really challenging and we never thought it’d be this big.


• Which challenges do you face in your show?

VINSKY: The main challenges were when we started the show,we began from nothing, no views, no fans, no subscribers, we almost doubted ourselves joh…It was a hell of a time. We were worried since nobody knew about the show and this really discouraged us

• How do you overcome them?

CIKU: Our fans are our only solution as they usually give us support and hope to continue as Nairobian TV, this is by sharing our links in their social media platforms etc.

• Do you have a sponsor or you sponsoring yourselves?

CIKU: Currently we have no sponsors, we are the ones who usually run it through the help of close friends & our parents too.

• Who are your role models?

VINSKY: Trevor Noah…He is a great human being  and a mentor to us.

• What have you achieved soo far?

CIKU: We have been nominated in the Xtreem Awards 2019 as the youtuber of the year. It’s an honour to us and we hope to win the award.

• What are you aiming to achieve in the years ahead?

VINSKY:We have bigger hopes & dreams to make Nairobian TV a great channel and make bigger moves through it.

• You’ve all heard about youths killing each other due to love triangles,whats your advice?

VINSKY: That’s insane mazee..People do things for love but taking each others life is a big no. Let’s Love & Live since there is plenty for us in the years to come.

CIKU: I’d say couples should respect each other and love is meant to bring joy & happiness in our lives not sorrow. As Vinsky has said “Lets Love & Live”

“Lets Love & Live”

• What are you planning next for your loyal fans?

VINSKY: To our loyal fans,we promise to make Nairobian TV more entertaining to you guys since you are the ones who have brought us this far.

@vinsky_edits @ciku @goat.matata

• How about your personal handles where we can always reach you?

VINSKY: Ig: @vinsky_edits



• Any big up?

CIKU: Big up to the Nairobian TV Family, Mob love guys. God Bless Y’all.

• Your advice to the youths in the country?

VINSKY: To the gentlemen,please work hard to achieve your dreams as nothing is impossible if you are willing to accomplish. Avoid hard drugs,they’ll mess your lives.

CIKU: To all the ladies,always remember you in this life for a reason and a season so make sure you are positive & working hard to make your dreams come true.


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