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The Liquid Screen Protector Scam

The Liquid Screen Protector Scam

I’m sure you have seen people with briefcases in your favorite malls, markets, busy streets or even outside your school promising you a new type of screen protector for your smartphone.

This new Liquid protector is a replacement for the old normal protectors. Everyone buys a screen protector or a cover case to protect their phones.

Liquid screen protector

Replacing a broken screen can cost as much as half the cost of a smartphone and that can be a pain when you send your phone for repair.

The main purpose of any screen protector is to protect the main glass from breaking. The secondary goal is to protect the display from scratches. Most modern smartphones have pretty good scratch resistance but glass is glass and glass eventually breaks.

The Liquid protector guys are taking advantage of our need to protect our phones. The whole demonstration is to convince you that the “liquid” layer they apply on your phone protects the phone from shattering the display.

They even go an extra step of “drilling” the phone with a power drill to sell the product. Traditional screen protectors have an obvious layer on top and since liquid screen protectors don’t have that, they seem very attractive to people.

The worst thing that you can do for your phone is to get a Liquid protector. This new method of protecting your phone has left many people very upset and some have shared their experiences about Liquid screen protectors.

Broken screen

Twitter screenshot

Liquid protector only protects your phone against scratches. If your phone falls that’s the end of it. RIP to your lovely phone.

One of the major disadvantages of liquid screen protectors is that when it is applied, it cannot be removed. Since it doesn’t offer screen crack resistance, it will break. This would mean that your original screen will shatter and you will have to go and repair your screen.

Original screen protectors have a scratch and break resistance. I’d advise you to use the old screen protectors. In this case they are the best option.

Initially Liquid protectors would cost 1,500 but currently they cost 100 bob.
This is quite cheap and attractive to naïve Kenyans.

Liquid screen protectors have become a huge hit due to their perfect marketing and cheap price. Always remember, cheap isn’t always good.

If you want cheap screen protectors in Nairobi visit different stalls in Nairobi along Luthuli road. They retail for just ksh50.

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