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Beast Boy…. get a real insight on who Mkikuyu is and learn a few things about him

In Instagram, there is a group of socialites who are followed by many Instagram users. In our country, it entails both male and females. They usually use their pages to share their ideas and Express themselves.


Mkikuyu, is one of these guys who has many followers but very unique since he has followed back only four..I talked to him and these were his reponses.


β€’ You guy my guy,Who is Mkikuyu?

Mkikuyu is a young jovial guy with big dreams

β€’ Where do you come from?

I come from Kirigiti in Kiambu

β€’ Are you a student?

Yes am a student at KCA University pursueing Business IT but will later switch to Journalism

β€’ What do you do for a living?

For a living I do events..Gigs…Artist bookings etc

β€’ Which are your best and worst moments in life?

I dont really have a best moment but my worst moment was losing my grandfather this 2019

β€’ Which is your best music genre?

My best music genre is trap music my favourite artists being NBA Youngboy and Polo G

β€’ Who is your favourite artistes?

Young Boy & Polo G

β€’ How about your instagram page?

My instagram page is mainly for creating memories

β€’ Why follow only 2 while you have been followed by 34.6k?

Well I only follow 2 people coz I really dont like seeing alot of stuff about people

β€’ Who are your best photographers and why?

My best photographers are Donedeal Visuals and Giddy and this is coz these two guys are masters behind the lens

β€’ You seem to be an ambassador to various firms organisations,which are they

Am an ambassador to Trendzzz outfit so far but i currently have a deal with the Naifest

β€’ Do you earn through your page or you doing it for fun?

I earn from my instagram page obviously

@stein_boy_ & @_mkikuyu_

β€’ Are you an instagram addict?

No am not an instagram addict

β€’ Do you have a role model?



I am trying to be the best I could be to make my family proud

β€’ Which challenges do you face as an instagram socialite?

Challenges as an instagram socialiteπŸ˜…πŸ˜…Well alot of guys hate because they see others hating

β€’ Do you have a favourite sport,which is your favourite team?

My favourite sport is Soccer my favourite team being Barcelona

β€’ Do you have a hobby or a talent?

My talent,well I havent really figured it out yet but about my hobby I chill alot with my friends.

β€’ Which is your dream that you’d like to achieve in life?

My dream is simple,just having a good life,good money foshooo(chuckles)

β€’Is Mkikuyu dating?

Yeah…. a cute kiddo. “Nampenda sana

“Yeah…..a cute kiddo.Nampenda”

β€’ Any big up?

Big up to my mum for all she has done for meβ™₯

β€’ Any advice to youths in our country looking up to you?

Advice, be yourself, look up to people but dont try to copy them coz you’ll forget who you were in the first place.



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