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Strip-at-ease – The G-string Lifestyle

Dennis Menez

Strip-at-ease – The G-string lifestyle

Relatively new to Kenya, strip clubs are on the rise. Some cite the rapid urbanisation, Internet advertising and international influence for their rise. High pay also fuels the industry, as strippers say they can double the money they could earn at other jobs, where they may be sexually harassed anyway.

Yet, because it’s a new thing in kenya, no clear laws governing stripping are on the books. Advocates propose creating redlight districts to curb illegal activities around strip clubs and granting legal rights to strippers.

Seven years ago, strip clubs were unheard of in downtown Nairobi. Currently there are so many strip clubs in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Some strip club joints such as Liddos lounge, Lollipop, F3 and Apple Beez boast of having the best strippers in town.

Being a stripper has become an alternative job opportunity. From my very limited research, a stripper on a bad day can make roughly 4k and on a good day she can earn up to 20k. The average amount a stripper earns per month is 12k and that’s the least amount.

Stripping isn’t the easiest job out here but it’s one of the fastest way to make money. The faster you make money, the faster you spend money.

You see, the idea of becoming a stripper has become attractive to most campus girls. Have you heard of G-string degrees. This is whereby a campus girl is a student by day and a stripper at night. Being a stripper is not really a bad idea for anyone who is wild enough to give it a shot.

If it’s all about my looks, then I’ll make as much money as I can out of it.

Before you get into the stripping industry. Here is a bit of information that you should know.

Advantages of being a stripper.

1. Maintaining a healthy body

No one can deny that strippers have a really toned body. By being a stripper you’ll have to really work on your body a be in good shape. Dancing on the pole is really beneficial to your body and well being.

2. You can really earn a lot?.

Strippers mostly earn from tips from their clients. How much you earn really depends on where you are stripping at, your skills and how you interact with your audience. If you are a complete package in one night you can earn what someone who is working for 30 days will earn. Those who give in to sex requests from their clients earn even more.

3. You get to learn a new skill.

Stripping is more than dancing. Stripping is an art. Professional strippers undergo rigorous training and learn new dance moves that are beneficial to their job. Most will end up taking pole dancing classes.

4. You hold your schedule.

Some strip clubs give their strippers the rights to work when they want. You get to work on your own terms. If you don’t feel like showing up to work then you don’t have to show up. If you are lucky to get such joints then you’ll be lucky.

5. Boosts your self confidence.

Stripping isn’t for the feint hearted. You need a lot of guts to get up on stage and twerk your ass off. By stripping you will in one way or another boost your self confidence. The more customers come to your section the more you realize how sexy you are and get more comfortable with yourself.

Disadvantages of being a stripper.

1. Getting involved with bad influences

Alcohol and drugs seem to be part of the culture of numerous strip clubs. You may encounter customers who’ll request you to hit a joint or take a sip during your performance.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before entering these kinds of clubs.

2. Perspective of other people

Even though we’re living in a more open-minded society, there are still a lot of people who think that stripping as a job ventures below moral and cultural standards.

3. Working night-shift may be harmful

Our body’s natural rhythm tells us to work while the sun is up and to rest at night. Working late until past midnight forces the body to exert extra energy which may eventually weaken your health. Aside from this, there’s the risk of encountering thugs and dangerous people when you walk home late at night.

4. Politics exist

Just like in any workplace, jealousy, power play, favoritism, and other negativities are nothing new in the world of strippers.

5. Friend Recognise you in a club

It seems highly unlikely if you are in a completely different location to friends, family or people from your past, but it happens were a stripper may meet people they know from the past in a club dancing and word can spread back to family and friends.

This job isn’t easy, some strippers use weed to help them perform. Some strippers smile not because they are enjoying their job but they do so to please their clients who end up giving them good tips.

Being a stripper is a lot of work. It may seem not demanding but it is.

Sometimes strippers don’t know who they’ll dance for (depends on the club)
They can’t really choose their customers. Sometimes, they’ll need to dance in front of old (but rich) men which is a repulsive thought for some. If they’re lucky, they’ll encounter young, attractive ones and you’ll be more than happy to oblige to their requests.

I can go on and on about this stripping thing but no matter what I write you can’t prepare for everything.

Did you know, male strippers make more cash than female strippers?


Take your time getting ready, enjoy yourself and feel good.

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