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Nairobi’s Finest Photographers.

When it comes to photography, Davy Creations is among the best in Nairobi. His art speaks for itself. He’s the King of shoots.


Photography has become a source of income to some popular youths in Nairobi. The number of photographers is too high but I happened to talk to one of them. He is one of the most popular photographer in Nairobi.

Davy Creations is his popular name. He happened to sit on β€œTHE HOT SEAT” and these were his answers…


  • What are your real names?

David Theuri

  • Where do you come from?

Nanyuki pia Nairobi

  • Why did you choose photography?

Niliishi kuwa na passion towards it

  • Who is your role model?

Peter Mackinnon

  • How do you manage such a large crowd in a photo shoot?

Wuue inakuanga kazi lakini ni kuwapanga tu na kujua kila msee anadai pics ngapi

  • How many photo shoots do you do in a week?

Ni ngumu kuhesabu ju mi huwa available anytime i.e ka kuna customer anadai shoot

  • Apart from photography, what else do you do?

I’m a student

  • How can new customers reach you?

Through my ig handle @Davy_Creations

  • Which socialites have you worked with?

Kina Prettiboi, flacko, Mugweru, Clumsy, Kenyan Oxygen,Nameless hershi,shueb, Offsetcray, Nairobi West Niccur, KingBantu …… ni wengi

  • Who is your INSTAGRAM CRUSH?

Aaaai usinipiganishe(laughs)

  • Are you dating?

MMMMMH Yeah,lakini sitamtaja (laughs)

  • Whats your advice to the youths in our country?

Wafuate passion na wasare drugs joh.Waache kutegemea leaders wajiamini ju wanaeza make it.Thanks for the chance

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