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Mtaaraw – Instagram Icon.

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This week I decided to do an interview on __mtaa_raw__. If you are a regular Instagram user I’m sure you’ve heard of him. You may not know him personally but you’ve heard of his name.

Mtaaraw has been immensely praised for his sense of style and dope Instagram page. He has been able to turn into an Instagram icon over a short period of time. He really has a huge fan following and has been able to get thousands of like per post and unimaginable profile visits numbers.

As we all know 8:40pm ni masaa ya #gainwithmtaaraw.


With 37.1k Instagram followers Mtaaraw is one of the biggest Instagram stars in Kenya and his influence is quite huge. Today you’ll get to know more about him and what he’s all about.

Let’s gerrit

Of all the names that you could pick, why did you decide to call yourself __mtaa_raw__?

I called myself Mtaaraw for Mtaa meaning village and raw which means something that hasn’t been exploited. So in short my name Mtaaraw means a boy with potential.

You are quite popular on Instagram. How would someone who has been following you get your attention?


First of all I’m not hard to approach. I reply to all my messages and I’m very social….. Sina maringo.

Your Instagram account blew up quite fast. What do you think makes people to follow you?

It’s like some people like the name itself and then I used to post lots of memes on my statuses and Instagram Story. I guess that’s why a lot of people follow me.

I’m sure you get a lot of DM’s, do you reply to all of the DM’s?

I usually reply to all my DM’s though it depends. Some people send nudes and when I find it’s nudes I just delete their texts. It’s hard replying to all my DM’s since they are many.


What’s the biggest gossip or rumor that you’ve had about yourself?

Haha….. Some people told me to stop using make up cause of the way I’m lightskin and there was a rumor that I was dating a certain socialite.

Apart from Social media being a good tool for communication, some have earned money from it. Have you earned money because of your Instagram page?

Yeah I’ve earned from the advertisements that I do. I also plan events and I’m also earning through different promotions.

Have any brands approached you in any way?


Yes a lot of brands have approached but I can’t mention them. I hope you understand.

How has your life been ever since you got famous on Instagram?

Mehn, things have been crazy… Every time I’m out with my friends or on own my people would stop me in the streets and ask for selfies, favors and some just want to great me.

If you could date one female soshi… Who would it be?

Haha…. Hhmm…. wako wengi … But currently I’m busy with my hustle.

If you could wake up tomorrow and find your Instagram account was hacked. What would you do?

If it got hacked I would just start another account. I know it would pick up just like this current one.

According to you, which other Instagram celebs do you think are influential?

  • Jimmy clout
  • Finesse Ngara
  • Mj.ke
  • Kcandy

Your sense of fashion is unique. Do you have your a stylist?

Yeah I used to have a stylist. He’s called Citybody. But currently I’m my own stylist.

What’s the most expensive thing that you’ve ever bought?

Expensive thing ha! Galitos bana. Nilienda kujitreat bill ikakuja 2500 na ata sikushiba.

Apart from being an Instagram star. What else are you doing?

I’m still a student. I got to MKU and I have a side hustle in Thika. As you know Instagram alone won’t feed you.

Parting shot

I would like to tell people tukimeet call me Mtaa-raw not mtaro hahaha.

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