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Kuja tuchome!’ Here Are the Most Used Phrases In kenyan Campuses

Kuja tuchome!’ Here are the most used phrases in Kenyan campuses

Campus life will always be interesting. The is the place whereby you get to discover yourself. If not careful you can lose yourself.

Students in campuses are all different but these phrases are common in all Kenyan universities.

Below are commonly used phrases

1. Nitumie pdf

This is the most used pdf in class. People who hate writing notes love kutumiwa pdf. Pdfs are a life saver especially for those who miss most classes.

2. Nisignie attendance

We have all asked a friend to this for us. You just wake up one morning and don’t feel like going to class so you ask a classmate akusignie attendance list.

3. Class/Cat imebounce

This is the second-best news for a campus student after a Mpesa message. Kwanza if the class bounces when you are still in your house.

4. Class iko wapi

We have all interacted with clueless students who never know where classes are, when or where exams are being held. Most of us spend the first month of every semester not knowing where the class is.

5. Pigwa exile

This is when you are exiled from your room by your roommate because he has a hot date na anataka kufungisha.

6. Supp inafanywa lini?

Thank God I never used this phrase during my stint in the campus. Its mostly used by students who have to do a supplementary exam after failing the original one.

7. Group yenu imejaa?

The phrase above is majorly used by last-minute students who are never in class when groups are being created. Some people attend classes but aren’t aware of activities happening in class.

8. Uko na mwaks??

This is by far the best question especially when sitting for an exam or cat. If your friend has a mwaks and is an expert at using it you feel at ease.

9. Ati uliniambia hii sem tunafanyanga unit ngapi?

Most asked question by team clueless.

10. Password ya WiFi ni?

No one likes to buy bundles when there is Wi-Fi. This is the most used phrase in any joint with Wi-Fi connection. The current tough economic times doesn’t allow someone to buy lots of bundles.

11. Nipigie picha notes

Absentee students or those who don’t write complete notes love this statement. Nowadays people have progressed. Download an app called clear scanner and transform your notes pic into a pdf.

12. Lec amefika?

Mostly used by latecomers or those people who are hoping that the lec doesn’t come to class.

13. Seconds before exam Them: nipee mwaks yako nipitie.

Mwaks have summarized notes. A good mwaks maker should summarize the whole unit into a small strip of paper. Ukipitia mwaks ya mtu will help you go through the notes in an easier way.

14. Toa form ya mzinga

This phrase basically means tunalewa wapi leo. It’s used when you aren’t sure of your drinking plans.

15. Next sem nitakua serious

This is a phrase that no one follows through. If you were a joker last sem you’ll still be a joker next sem.

16. In a group β€˜Nyi Fanyeni’ discussion, me nitatoa pesa ya kuprint

We can all agree group works sucks. It’s better kutoa the printing money than sitting down during non class hours to discuss one question for three hours.

17. *on Friday or Sato– uko wapi?

Every time someone gets this text, you just know form imejipa. How you reply to this text will determine how your day ends.

18. Tunatoa ngapi kila msee

Used when students are trying to contribute towards buying something, in most cases a mzinga.

19. Kuja sapa kwangu

Used by team mafisi to lure girls for pekejeng when dry spell strikes.

20. Ongeza chwani tushike kaquorra (quarter)

Mostly used when mwezi iko kona and students don’t have enough cash to buy liquor yet they still want to get drunk.

21. Kuja tuchome

This phrase is used by stoners. Kuchoma ndio form.

22. Come sleepover

we’ve all used this phrase. As long as you are in uni you’ve been to several sleepovers.

23. Wapi lighter?

Weed smokers are always asking and looking for a lighter. If they can’t find it they’ll just buy a new one.

Above are the most popular phrases. If we left out any just comment down below.

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