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King Kaka’s ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ Breaks YouTube Record

King Kaka’s ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ Breaks YouTube Record

Rapper Kennedy Ombima best known by his stage moniker King Kaka is taking down his hit single, Wajinga Nyinyi, released a few hours ago.King Kaka is back with a really controversial track. His new song has started a huge online debate about the message in the song.

In the Song, the artiste mentioned a number of problems faced by Kenyans and pointed out the cause and the people whom he thought were behind their suffering.

He blamed Kenyans for their misfortune saying they play a crucial role in their own downfall by electing the wrong leaders.

In this song, there are so many controversial lyrics. Here are some of the best ones.

“Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau Biro moja alibuy 8 thao Biro tunanunuanga mbao”

City stadium imekuwa renovation for 3 years budget ziwatoshe While Sonko anadance tu kwa OfeSwali”

“KRA wanatuibia ndio wapatie wezi pesa Deadline ya tax return ni Tuesday Jengeni tu, sips tea iko na mercury kwa shuge Swali”

“Uko na account offshore zimejaa money Na account ya daughter ya waititu iko na depo ya 100 mita”

Moha umefunga jicho, jicho pevu ni Kipofu Huduma number kumbe ilikuwa u ka scam flani

As of this writing, this song premiered on YouTube just 19 hours ago and so far it has garnered 191k views. This song has broken a YouTube record and has become the biggest 12-hour debut for a hip-hop video/Kenya Video

No other Kenya song has garnered such as this one. Most huge songs manage to get around 100k-150k in 24hrs.

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