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In Kenya, Gengetone has taken the airplay such that it is the most played music genre. This has led to the rise of new artistes who have really proved their talent to the world. Many youths have been able to express themselves about how they feel and think about the surrounding community.

Taliban Empire, however ain’t an exemption in this. It is a group which consists of a trio ;Kavinsky, Finesse_Ngara & Mdas.

They are one of the upcoming artistes who have decided to pursue music and take it to another level. I happened to talk to Kavinsky about himself and their music journey and this is what he had to say…


Who is Kavinsky?

Kavinsky is a young, ambitious and a guy with big dreams.

• Where do you come from?

I come from Zimmerman but currently naishi Ngara

• What do you do for a living?

Am an artiste at Taliban Empire and a student too at TUK

• How did you think of starting a trio group?

We had inspiration from successful groups thus we thought we should do the same.

• Why did you choose to do Gengetone?

I chose to do Gengetone because I love how we live our ghetto life and have witnessed music transforming youths to becoming meaningful people in the society

.• Which challenges did you face while you were starting off?

The main challenge was capital to support our music since we needed money, convincing people that we are artistes who can do great music was another challenge.

• How did you overcome them?

Personally I did not give up, I believed this is what I wanted to do since I had passion towards it. We psyched ourselves since challenges must be there and have to be overcomed.

• Are you currently under any label?

Nope but incase one comes on our way, we are ready.

• Who sponsors for your hits i.e recording etc?

We have no sponsors, we just contribute and hit the studio.

• Are you planning for any collabo?

YEAH, A collabo with Mchina and Kappy is on the way.

• Which is your biggest achievement soo far?

Having a crowd that believes in me and always ready to support me and the team.

• Which are your best and worst moments in your music life?

My best moment was when I went for my first show and performed to a great crowd. It was in the elevation show.

My worst moment was when we lacked money to pay for our video shoot venue and had to leave our phones behind as colleteral.

• How about gigs and shows,is there any improvement?

There is a slight improvement. I like how organizers have started noticing us and inviting us for gigs.

• Who are your mentors whom you all look up to?

My mentors are Octopizzo and Nyashinski. They struggled back then but have now made it

• Where can we get your music?

Our music is everywhere… On youtube, Audiomack, Boomplay.

• What would you change in the current state of music in Kenya,if you had a chance to?

I’d change nothing at all. Currently, the Kenyan music is mind blowing.

• How can you describe the current state of music in the Kenyan industry?

Kenyan music is still growing day in day out. Positive changes have been seen and appreciated.

• How can you advice any upcoming artistes who is looking up to you?

Never give up.

• Whats your advice to the youths in our country?

In whatever you do, put God first not minding the trends. Never ever forget where you’ve come from. It means alot to you as a being

• What are your social media handles?

IG: @kavinsky_official

Twitter: Kavinsky Official

Facebook: Kavinsky

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