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As men, we need to know when to walk away and when to never look back. This is a vital skill I never knew we needed to be reminded of, but here we are.

Hitting on someone shouldn’t be a game of survivor or amazing grace. We have to accept the outcome of every approach we make and match on with life, it’s best to walk away when it ain’t too late.

When you realize you want someone, by all means you should shoot your shot. Send that risky text. Send that drink over. Meet up and talk to her.

Do whatever you feel is within your means. You need to put in some effort without expecting much. Take your time and move with the flow, stop forcing things and enjoy this life since you are too young to be sad or heartbroken.

While doing all these though, you need to make sure your effort is reciprocated. Too many men are out there making all sort of grand gestures to get women to say yes to them.

What they don’t know is that these women will never be be part of their plan. The worst thing is that they all live hoping that one day they will get to win these ladies hearts.

It will take you a long while to learn that there are plenty of fish in the seas.

The “thrill of the chase isn’t in her saying no for years while you hoping your dormant behaviour towards her will open that door for you”.

Go look for another woman, one who actually likes you. Lemme promise you this “It works wonders.”

To The Youth Amplify Magazine Family,…. May You Have A Prosperous New Year 2020 Full Of God’s Blessings.

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