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Instagram Shadow Ban; How To Deal With It.

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To be shadow banned on Instagram is the worst thing could ever happen to you on this app. A shadow ban basically means that you are invisible on Instagram.

To be shadow banned on Instagram is the worst thing could ever happen to you on this app. A shadow ban basically means that you are invisible on Instagram.

  1. You can’t be tagged in pics.
  2. When someone searches for your account they can’t find it.
  3. Your posts are not visible on any hashtag boards.
  4. People who don’t follow you can’t see your posts.

This shadow ban crisis is not permanent, it can be fixed. The ban is implemented to ensure that Instagram users comply with Instagram regulations. If the alogarithim notices any funny activities on your account you begin getting blocked.

How to tell if you’ve Shadow banned.

There is a simple way of discovering if you’ve been banned. Just post a new pic and use 2-3 very unpopular hashtags. Click on the hashtags and try to see if your post is there. If you can’t locate your post then you’ve been banned.

Another way of discovering if you are banned is by looking at your likes, comments and engagements. If you notice a significant drop in your likes, comments, engagement, reach and impressions then you might have been shadow banned.

How to Remove the Shadowban From Your Instagram Account

To do this you have to implement a few changes to your account. Try some of the following tips.

  1. Change your Instagram account from a business account to a personal account. Some Instagrammers have said that this works.
  2. You can also delete ALL of the hashtags that you’ve used in our recent pics. Remove all of them.
  3. For at least 2-3 days don’t post anything. Take a self imposed exile from Instagram. Don’t post, don’t like, don’t comment, don’t follow. DON’T DO ANYTHING RELATING TO INSTAGRAM.

If you follow this steps there is a good chance your account maybe unbanned. Something else to consider is that when posting your pics keep it neat. Separate your captions and hashtags with 5 or more dots like this 👇👇

Shadow ban, Instagram

What Contributes to an Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram has never stated what really contributes to a shadow ban. To be on the safe side don’t do the following.

  1. Don’t like more than 150 posts.
  2. Don’t post more than 60 comments.
  3. Don’t follow/unfollow more than 60 accounts in an hour.
  4. Don’t overuse unfollow apps.
  5. Don’t use the same group of hashtags each and everyday. Switch it up.
  6. Don’t purchase followers or likes.

For a person who is trying to grow his or her Instagram account, avoiding a shadow ban is a challenging task. Just follow the steps above and try as much as possible to comply with rules set by Instagram.

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