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Silk is without doubt the perfect epitome of elegance and luxury. We have witnessed silk pieces evolve from the bedroom to weddings and runways and now silk dresses have become part of the street style.

We owe all that to these simple reasons; silk dresses are very chic and light, making them very comfortable to wear. Plus the versatility and sophistication offered is just on another level.

In this article, I provide you with tips of taking your silk dress to another level

Over Fitted Long Sleeved Top

This look is perfect if you want a casual yet fashionable look for your silk dress. It is effortlessly stylish and offers you that coziness you desire. I personally love the velvet material and the comfy feeling it provides.

Black Leather Jacket

The best thing about leather jackets is the fact that they can be worn in almost all seasons. They give you that edgy vibe. To complete your look, add a pair of nude strappy heels.

Under Chunky Sweaters and Cardigans

For the colder months, style your silk dress by adding a chunky cable knit sweater on top. This will provide a vogue contrast from the silk sticking out.

Tuck Into Jeans

Yeah, I Know, it’s a little absurd but trust me on this to achieve your unique chic look. Tuck your silk dress preferably into mom jeans (to avoid bulges). It will give you the camisole vibes but the elegance is unmatched and no one will know our little secret.

Add a Belt

The impact a belt has on outfit styling is really underrated. Add your statement belt on your silk dress and you won’t regret it. This look will have a way of accentuating your body features hence perfect any day.

Black and White Tees Under

These are some of the most basic wardrobe staples for any female. It is one of those outfits that make you stylish without looking like you are trying too much. This look is very breezy and refreshing.

Black and White Tees Over

You just have to do the opposite of the previous outfit combo. You’ll have unlimited outfit ideas from this apparel staples. Add a pair of strappy sandals to bring the look together.

Long Silk Cardigan

This is a graceful look that gives you that all silky monochromatic appearance. You can pair with heels or go for some white sneakers for a boyish look. It all depends on your style preference.


This is a formal look that speaks luxury and intricacy. You can opt for a print of your choice, be it plaid or even mixed print. A velvet blazer that blends well with your silk dress can also work. Dress it down with a pair of pointed toe heels.

Button Down White Shirt

This a fashion forward look that has some funky vibes attached. The shirt can be styled under your silk dress or neatly and uniquely styled over your dress.

Bomber Jacket or Puffer

You can go for this look during winter season for that much needed warmth or a night out to protect yourself from all that cold. Style your outfit with thigh high boots to make your fashion statement.


Add a coat over your turtleneck sweater styled with your silk dress. This is an understated chic ensemble. Use the best of your outfit layering skills just to achieve your desired outlook. You can even adorn your look with some jewelry.

Red Carpet Vibes

For that gala or red carpet event, settle for body con well designed silk dress that emphasizes your curves and get those cameras clicking. Let your designer do the thing.

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