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How To Pick The Right Roommate.

If you have plans of living with a roommate or roommates in campus there are some few key things that you need to consider.


If you have plans of living with a roommate or roommates in campus there are some few key things that you need to consider.

Finding the right roommate is one of the hardest task. On paper you may look at one of your friends and see him as the right roomie for you but once you start living together the situation might not be that way.

There are two KEY things that you should consider when picking a roommate. These things include RELIABILITY and TEMPERAMENT. Temperament means a person’s nature. You need to consider how your roomie is. What is his nature? and how reliable is he?

Let’s get down to business.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Roomie.

Make Sure that Temperaments Match

You and you potential roomie need to have the same nature. You need to have the same habits and lifestyles. Birds of the same feather flock together. It would be really hard to live with someone who doesn’t approve your lifestyle. If your roomie is okay with your nature then you won’t have issues living together.

Schedules that Fit Your Needs

Before you finalize your roommate choice, consider your potential roommate’s schedule. You may want a roommate whose schedule aligns with yours, allowing the two of you to work together and hang out from time to time.

Alternately, you might want a roommate on a different schedule, allowing you some time to have the house to yourself. There are also drawbacks to each style. You won’t have as much privacy if your roommate is always around, and you or your roommate may occasionally wake each other up if your sleep schedules are significantly different.

Make Sure They Can Pay their Share of the Rent

Don’t start living with someone who already owes you money. Renting with them will be problematic. You need a roommate who can pay his share on time. If deadline for paying rent is 5th of every month then it goes without saying that he or she should have his rent around 4th. If your roomie can pay his rent on time then he or she is reliable.

Similar Cleanliness Habits

For some of us a clean house is important to us. Some people get irritated when they stay in a dirty house. If you potential roommate doesn’t value cleanliness and you do then you will have a problem. Arguments will erupt each and every time you find the house messy.

Good Communication

Communication is key in any relationship. You and your roommate need to communicate on a lot of things. You will have to communicate on how to maintain the house, paying of rent and you will also have to discuss on how to share responsibilities concerning the house.

Shared Interests

You need to live with someone who at least likes some of the things that you like. If you love movies your roommate should also love them. If you two don’t have the same interest at least be able to accept and tolerate your roommate’s interest. Having a roommate who shares your interests will ensure that you always have at least one partner in crime when you’re looking for something to do.

Is Your Roommate In A Relationship

This is rarely considered but it is the most important. For guys, never have a roommate whose girlfriend stays in the hostels. She will always be coming for sleepovers at your house. It is advisable to have a roommate whose girlfriend stays alone. That way on weekends the dude won’t be around.

Dealing With Hook-ups And Being “Sexiled”:

Whether it’s some light PDA, or an overnight sleepover, dealing with a roommate’s romantic partner can become a major source of conflict. And if it’s ongoing, the constant, unwelcome presence of your roommate’s partner can eat at what little privacy you have.

It’s best to have an honest ground-rules conversation upfront about boundaries and exile rules. Working things out may be as simple as saying, “Hey, Kuna dem anakam weekend, saka form,” You need to have a clear guideline on sleepovers and exiles.

The above guidelines can help you in finding the right roommate for you. When you get a roommate, in order to maintain the relationship you need to:

Nip problems early on: if you have a problem with your roommate solve it early on. If it’s bugging you, bring it up. Don’t let it linger and fester and don’t assume that your roommate has any idea that there is something wrong. Bringing it up directly and early will save you piles of stress and tension.

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