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How To Gain More Followers Using Pinterest


If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, you might want to think outside the app and consider using Pinterest to increase your engagement and get more followers. When it comes to visual content and ecommerce,

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, you might want to think outside the app and consider using Pinterest to increase your engagement and get more followers. When it comes to visual content and ecommerce,

Pinterest and Instagram work best when used together. Why? Pinterest is fantastic for increasing referral traffic due to its link-friendly nature and Instagram is the master of engaging visuals, which can inspire potential customers to get on board with your business!

Using Pinterest can also significantly extend the life of your Instagram content. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest isn’t designed to show only the most recently published content, which means that posts from 6 months ago can still drive significant referral traffic. Think of Pinterest more like a search engine full of beautiful, themed content, rather than a social network.

I’m going to show you how you can get traffic to your Instagram profile from Pinterest. This post is quite long so take your time and don’t rush.

If you don’t have a Pinterest app do the following.

  1. Download the app from PlayStore.
  2. Open a Pinterest account.
  3. Choose boards that you’d like to follow
  4. Set up your profile (upload your profile pic, write a bio, add a link to your Instagram profile

After you are done with this basic steps it’s now time to create boards. Boards are generally different things that you like. If you love fashion you can create a board called fashion. You can also create a board called Pinterest. On these boards is whereby you will be pinning (posting) your posts.

Example of different boards

After you are done creating boards of things that you like you can begin following other Pinterest users. To do this click on the search icon and search any person. When searching you will get three options (pick people) For Example search for my profile dennismenez.

You will get something like this. Click on It. After doing that you will be taken to my profile. From there find my followers/following and follow them. Follow until you are blocked from following anymore.

What have we learnt so far.

  1. Download the app
  2. Set it up
  3. Create different boards
  4. Follow other people.

After doing all this go to settings>edit settings>convert to business account. By converting to a business account you are able to see real stats about your page.

What next….

First thing, claim Your Instagram

If you haven’t already, head to your Pinterest account and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, go to settings and click on Claim.

There you’ll be able to add your Instagram account name and link both platforms together.

That means, if anyone shares your content directly from Instagram, it will be linked to your profile – hence driving potential new followers back to your feed.

How do you Pin from Instagram though?

Easy. Once you’ve posted a picture, just click the three dots on the top right-hand side of your Instagram image, copy the link and go to the Pinterest app.

What should automatically happen is, when you log onto Pinterest you should get a black link at the bottom of the screen saying: “Save the Link You Copied?” and once you press that you’ll be able to save it to Pinterest.

If this, for some reason, doesn’t happen, head to the + on the top of the screen and manually save the link.

Example of boards

But where do I save it to exactly?

My advice is to create a specific board on Pinterest for your Instagram images. You can, however, save it onto other suitable boards, such as Travel if it’s a beautiful holiday image, or photography if you’ve snapped a perfect pic.

Just remember, you’ll have to repeat each step above if you want to save it to more than one board.

So, is that it?

Not quite. This is where the most important step comes into play. You need to change your Instagram caption to something that will come up in search terms on Pinterest. So once you’ve added your link and right before you’re about to choose what board the image is going to be save to, you’re able to adjust your caption. Write a good caption with the right keywords and hash tags.

This way your image can be added to the algorithm and appear in searches for any of the key words that you had used. Keywords on Pinterest are a necessary part of guiding users to the content that they’re looking for.

Focus on your keywords

There are several places in which keywords can be added. First of all, you can put them in your pin captions. You can also include keywords in your profile, as well as in the title and description of your boards.

So how do you find the right keywords? Start by testing out the Pinterest autocomplete function. When you click the search button on Pinterest, the search engine will automatically suggest various combinations of commonly searched words. Those common word combinations can make for some awesome board titles for the right pins!

Anytime someone clicks on any of your images from Pinterest they will be redirected to your Instagram page.

One of the biggest keys to success on Pinterest is quality over quantity. Post your best and most “on theme” Instagram content to your Pinterest boards. quality pics will always stand out.

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most visual social media platforms out there, and when used together, they can help you extend the personality of your brand and build deeper connections with your followers.

But remember: don’t just collect fans and followers! If you want to truly grow your Instagram account, your need to engage with your audience. Give them a reason to follow you by creating unique and helpful content!

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