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How To Gain Instagram Followers With Finesse Ngara

How To Gain Instagram Followers With Finesse Ngara

Are you struggling to get Instagram followers? Is your account dormant? Do you want to get 6k followers in 3 months?

If all your answers have been yes, then I’m here to help. When I joined Instagram I really struggled to gain followers, but with my help you’ll master how to easily get followers.

Let’s start. Take notes.

How To Gain Instagram Followers With Finesse Ngara.

Gain Instagram followers with Finesse Ngara

Here are some quick rules that you should follow before you begin to look for followers

1. Unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you.

If you have something like 3k followers and the people you are following are around 6k, unfollow all of them. The number of people that you follow should never be more than those who follow you.

2. You need data

In order to actually gain followers you need bundles. You need like 1GB per day. Instagram is a data consuming app. If you aren’t ready to use 1GB per day then there isn’t any way that you can gain followers.

3. Be ready to spend over 12hrs on Instagram

In order to gain followers you need to be active on IG. You’ll be using this app from the moment you wake up til the moment you go to bed. The only time that Instagram isn’t active is between 3 – 6:30pm.

4. Change your display pic

Change your display pic. Use an attractive pic. It’s a proven fact that people with awesome display pics get more profile visits.

How to gain Instagram followers

5. Follow all who follow you.

Follow everyone who follows you. The maximum number of followers that you can follow is 7500. By the time you follow 7500 people, 7500 or more people should be following you.

Ukifika 7500, you can’t follow anymore people. There is a trick. Kuna some people that you followed and maybe wako inactive or walipoteza passwords to their accounts. Go to you page, click hapo kwa following alafu scroll adi huko chini then start those wenye ulifollow wa kwanza.

Now that you’ve known the rules let’s see how to gain followers.

1. Mass follow in the beginning

If you are new on Instagram mass follow people. Wait until I post then follow everyone who liked my most recent pic. It does work. No one wants to follow an account that is follow by no one. Follow until you get 1k followers.

If you are under 1k followers, set a reminder and mass follow. It takes maximum 2 minutes to follow 100 people.

Over 5k? If you have over 5k followers don’t mass follow. Just follow those who follow you and focus on your content. Look for content that can go viral.

2. Follow all masoshi and turn on post notification.

This is a must do. Follow everyone who you think is insta-famous. Masoshi wako over 200, pick the top ones and follow them then turn on post notification. Some do announce when the post. Personally I post everyday at 8:30pm. By 8:29pm you should be on my page waiting for my post.

Set alarms. If unajua kuna soshi anapost at a certain time set an alarm. This way you won’t forget when he or she is posting. When they post just like, comment and like other comments.

3. Post content that your target audience likes, not what you like

Yes I said that. Posting what you love is not going to work. I am pretty sure if you look at your personal instagram account, you are posting what you β€œlove”. How far did that get you? Hmmm…

To be quite frank, people in general are very selfish. They are not going to follow or like your post if they themselves do not like the content that you post. Find good content. Visit the explore page and see what’s trending and then start finding viral pics.

If you audience likes pretty girls, please post the prettiest girls that you can get. Don’t go and post about cars. Not many care about cars.

4. Consistency is key

Finesse Ngara

It is no secret that you should be posting every day. you should post once or twice a day. Don’t over post. Find the best time to post. Personally I recommend posting between 9am-12pm or between 7-10am.

Posting consistently will get you the results that you desire much FASTER. People will get into the habit that your content that is good is coming.

Simple success formula = more content = sooner one of your posts will go viral.

Phone on Instagram

5. Hashtags

That is exactly how you get most discoveries, saves, likes and followers. Please do your proper research of hashtags before posting every single picture. Look at what hashtags are your peers using. But don’t over use hashtags. Find different sets of hashtags.

If you want good hashtags DM @dennismenez

There is a significant performance difference between posts that are with or without hashtags. Later on you will identify the set of hashtags that you can just copy and paste as you will identify what will perform the best for you.

6. Identify your viral content

The more you post, the sooner some of your content will go viral. You need to allow yourself the privilege of posting underperforming posts. The more content you will post, sooner you will get the best performing post that would help you achieve over 2k likes and loads of followers hassle free.

Find good content or create good content. You can get good content from your explore page or from an app called Pinterest.

When you post a pic, try and reply to people who comment on your posts. Create some engagement.

Instagram is a visual game. People will follow you only if you post good content. When starting out let your account be messy. Post everything until you find something that your followers like.

7. Join Gain groups.

There are so many gain groups available. Find some gain groups and join them. They can really help.

How to not get blocked.

If you don’t want to be blocked by Instagram, don’t use third party apps. Usitumie apps like follower assistant, followers chief etc. If you want to unfollow people, do so manually. Go to your page and unfollow one by one.

If you want to read more about how to not get blocked click here.

Follow my tips and I promise you’ll be gaining 100-200 followers per day.

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