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George Dufanda, is a Kenyan celebrity & a business man who has become the talk of town due to his shaving skills and creativity. While others find shaving as a routine dressing, Dufanda sees it as a canvas and a way to express his off-the-cuff-art.

I happened to talk to him and this is what he had to say about his personal life.


β€’ Who is this man Dufanda?

George Dufanda is a strong willed, ambitious, go getter, hardworking and a God fearing man.

β€’ Where do you come from?

Am from Kinshasa a town in DRC CONGO

β€’Why did you think of shaving as a career?

My dad used to shave us back then in our childhood and this inspired me.

β€’ How did you start off as a barber?

I started as a barber at a tender age. I was 13 years old then. I worked in Kayole.

β€’ Which challenges did you face while you were starting?

I had no sufficient equipments. There were no sinks so I had to plead my clients to kneel down so as to wash them after a cut. The pay was poor but I never gave up.

β€’ What is the name of your barber shop and where is it located?

It is called MANCAVE BARBER SHOP, It is located in Queens Way House, Kaunda Street, Fifth Floor.

β€’ Which celebrities have passed through your β€œGifted Hands”?

β€’ Who among the people you have shaved makes you proud that he or she has passed through you?

All of my clients usually make me feel proud. Their excitement is my joy.

β€’ Your hair is always well kempt,who does your shaves?

@buja_boy, @fally_dufanda & @starkid_bright.

β€’ You happened to appear in the biggest gossip site in the US called β€œThe Shade Room”..How did you feel being recognized abroad?

I was overwhelmed. I thank God that my creativity and skills are being appreciated not only locally but internationally.

β€’ Apart from shaving,you have a charity foundation,can you tell more about it?

I have a charity foundation called Dufanda. I have dufanda’s merchandise which include vests, hoods, t shirts, crop hoodies, crop tops etc. Get to buy one and feed a child somewhere.

β€’ To potential buyers willing to have your customized wear,how can they get them?

All the Dufanda’s merchandise are sold at Diamond exhibition, Moi Avenue,shop G7. Buy one and get to feed a needy child somewhere.

β€’ How do you manage your day do day activities?

Planning for the day and putting God first in everything I do.

β€’ Do you have a role model?

Yeah. My dad is my greatest role model. Am proud to have a great dad.

β€’ What do you like to have accomplished in your life before aging?

To achieve my goal and be a good role model to the youths in our country.

β€’ How about your dating life?

I have a wife whom am proud of. We are expecting twins. I am happy for that.

β€’ What is your advice to the upcoming couples who later end up in love triangles leading to immature deaths?

To keep holding strong and better things will come to their way. No matter how hard it is, it will get better.

β€’ What is your advice to all the youths in the country?

Never give up on your dreams. Stay focused. Do your best God will do the rest.

β€’ Which are your social platforms that people can reach you

My social media platforms are

Instagram @gee_dufanda
Facebook @gee_dufanda.

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