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From A Distance

Covid-19 has officially almost shut down 2020, and it’s both a bad thing and a good thing. Well mother nature seems to be winning, with the waters being a bit clearer and getting their natural color back due to the closing down of most companies, the air becoming a little bit fresh since there are no airplanes in the skies and a little less cars on the roads; mother nature can actually breath for once in a very long time.

On the flip side, modern civilization is being threatened and humanity is feeling it. We are social beings and it doesn’t sit well when we can’t meet up in bars, restaurants, parks, churches or wherever we like to hang out that is not in our houses. We are inclined to meeting up in person, exchanging complex handshakes and catching up on our usual topics; damn I miss football.

Well, we can choose to keep loathing and throwing pity parties here and there or we can choose to be different. If you normally work out, there’s no need of stopping, just because you can’t go to the gym. You can choose to use the available resources, like the stairs; sounds lame, but challenge yourself and you’ll realize the benefits. Social media influencers are doing it on a daily; living their best lives even in social distancing.

I know being home all day can really mess with your head. I know Netflix no longer interests you and now you are just chilling because you have nowhere to go. This is totally understandable; we’re in this together. I know some of us made plans and have goals to achieve either quarterly, semi-annually and before the year ends and with the current situation, you just don’t see them coming to life. It’s okay, once all this is over, you will be able to make those dreams come true.

Now, there are those of us who had just started a new flame. This new shawty, you had been eyeing the entire 2019 and you finally had the guts and asked her out this year and she said yes against all odds, but before you even got to first base…boom!!! The apocalypse. It sucks. But there’s no need let the flame die down. What you do is what matters. Look on the bright side at least she is not seeing someone else on the side, since ya’ll on lock down. But problem is, if you keep sitting on your ass, you are definitely going to lose her.


Keep constant communication. In the era where the internet has made communication so much easier, video call her, do more face time and you might just have a chance after the apocalypse. Do WhatsApp calls if you’re afraid network providers are going to blow your budget. Love doesn’t stop because of an epidemic, but you can choose to kill it by your lack of effort to maintain it. Love goes beyond being physically present. The distance between you and your partner is but a test of commitment to one another.

When you love someone so much, you care about them and their well being. I know right now all we can do is wash hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water, wear masks and regular sanitization and it’s all good, but how else do you know that your partner in quarantine is doing the best they can to avoid the Corona virus. Talk to them, then maybe, you will be able to know.

Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring and lonely. If you are locked up in the house alone, it’s okay. You have a lot you can do to kill time and keep your mind active. You can watch movies, play video games, take on a new online course, do home workouts, listen to your favorite music, take on your talent. If you are a singer or aspire to be one, you can do vocal coaching to ensure you can hit the high notes. Whatever it is, do not allow your mind to be idle.

Do a little something that will make you better when this pandemic ends. In the meantime, wash your hands, sanitize, practice social distancing and hope that it’s not the end of the world.

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