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Finesse Ngara: Everything You Need to Know About Him.

Dennis Menez

Everything You Need to Know About Finesse Ngara.

Finesse Ngara just might be the voice of the future. The young artist has only been in the game for a few months, but he already understands the value of his platform and he’s looking to make a difference through his music.

I want to do what I love: rap and perform.

“Music is my life,” he says. “It just gives me joy, happiness and so much fulfillment. Every time I perform I really give it my all.”

His song lyrics are inspired by everyday experiences from his own life and from the lives of people he knows.

Finesse Ngara

Getting to appear on The Chipukeezy Show was a major highlight for him in 2019 since this platform has been a game changer to the careers of many young talented guys.

“I don’t look up to anyone. Instead, I have people who challenge me”

As a young musician trying to make his way to the top, Finesse Ngara also faces challenges, particularly finding ways to overcome the cost of producing music. Recording, shooting videos, promotion: it all cost money.

“I really love the support and love that i have received from all my fans and followers. Keep supporting my craft, I’m grateful for everyone one of you,” he says.

Finesse Ngara is no quitter. He stays devoted to his passion and is determined to achieve his dreams.

Music Career.

Finesse Ngara is part of a music group called TALIBAN EMPIRE. This group consists of Finesse Ngara, Kavinsky and Only mdas.

Their songs ‘Wagenge‘ has been a fan favorite and performed well when it was released.


If you are looking for an influencer to push your event, function or product he’s the right man for the job.

Finesse Ngara has 80.8k Instagram followers. His large following can help drive any marketing strategy to a success.Finesse Ngara

Finesse Ngara is part of a marketing agency called Hipe Marketing
Agency. Together with his friends they started this agency to take over the marketing industry and be the go-to agency for marketing.

Finesse Ngara


He was picked to be the ambassador for Mellows Nation clothing line and together with the other ambassadors, they’ve made Mellows Nation to be well known in Nairobi.

Instagram Gain posts.

Finesse Ngara

If you want to easily gain followers always be alert when he posts. He posts daily on Instagram at 8:30 pm. Follow his IG account and turn on your post notification. His posts get an average of over 3k likes. In just 1 min he gets over 500 likes and hundreds of comments.

Finesse Ngara Bio

Full name: Michael Mbulanyo

Born: 18th Feb 1999

Music Genre: Gengetone

Popular song: Wagenge

Hometown: Nairobi

Instagram followers: 80.8k

University: TUK

Who is finesse Ngara?

Finesse Ngara is a recording and performing artist, an influencer, marketer, promoter, social media strategist and a YouTuber.

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