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Exclusive: Meet Becky Vixen, A Video Vixen Who Is Making It Big In The Music Industry.

Dennis Menez

There was a time girls in music videos would vixen for free. Things have changed and nowadays video vixens are earning huge cash for doing what they love.

Professional video vixens are paid a minimum of sh20,000 and those who aren’t that established get paid around 5k depending on the artist behind the project.

Becky vixen

Currently Becky_vixen_254 is among the top video vixens in Kenya. You can recognize her from her signature dreadlock look. She is making a name for herself in the video vixen industry. She does more than just shaking her ass. She does choreography and creative acting.

She’s worked with King Kaka, Ali Kiba, Kristoff, DJ Shiti, Ochungulo Family, Timmy T Dat, Arrow Bwoy and much more.

You know it’s a banger when Becky is in the video.

We had a chit chat with her and here is her interview.

How did you get into this industry? It seems like a tough industry to shine in.

Let me say a friend of mine (director) made this happen after asking me to get on set during a video shoot (zikki ft timmy t dat). After the video was out I went ahead and posted some part of it… after that some artists started hitting my inbox (FB) for me to appear in their music videos

You are quite popular. In most music videos you are present. How does it feel working with so many different artistes?

It feels soo good .. Because I get to have some new experiences and travel around the country.

While growing up did you always want to work as a video vixen?

?Not really I always wanted to be a female DJ.

Do you do anything else apart from being a video vixen?

Becky vixen

Yeah I do. I sometimes model and DJ

Most music videos have a runtime of around 4 mins. How long does it take to shoot a full music video? Is it tiring?

Shooting is a lot of work. It takes a lot of hours. Some take up the whole night thus gets too tiring.

Your job seems quite fun, who inspires you to keep on going?

Honestly i inspire myself?.

You’ve been in so many music videos. Ni celeb mgani ungetaka kuappear in his or her video?

Boondocks Gang and City Boy.

Being a video vixen, does it pay your bills?

Yeah it does. I’m able to cater for myself.

Your work seems fun but I’m sure there are some challenges that you encounter. Can you name some?

  1. Sometimes low payment
  2. Rude artists and directors
  3. Expensive costumes

Do your friends and family support you?

Yeah they do. Kwanza my friends are my number 1 fans. They support everything that I do.

How do you pick or choose who to work with?

i always check on how much I’ll be paid. If nitalipwa poa I have no problem vixening in the music video.

Being a video vixen has it challenges. Some have ever reported being sexually harassed. Have you encountered such incidents?

I’ve heard about such stories but I haven’t experienced it.

Becky vixen

Are you working on any new projects?

Yeah. Just stay tuned you’ll see me in a couple of new songs.

Are you a student? In which school do you go to?

Yeah i am. I go to Homeboys school of entertainment.. doing a DJ course (though I had taken a break for sometime)

You are quite a busy woman. Are you dating?

Yes I’m dating a really fine man?

I’m sure you get a lot of DM’s. Do you reply to all of them.

Yeah …. I do reply all my DMs since most of them are my fans.

A lot of young girls are getting into the video vixen business. What advice would you give them?

Video vixening is strictly a job. You should always ignore anything else (negative) involved.

Any last words for your fans?

To all my fans ..i love you all. Without you I couldn’t have made it to this far?.

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