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Following the chicken-shit psychobabble so popular these days in the entertainment industry, I call your attention to this post.

Let no one misunderstand nor misinterpret me, I really appreciate our artists and their talents. I believe most sane people have reasons for doing- saying things, artists also got reasons for composing their songs.

However, I fail to understand why some artists in our country abandon morality in their lyrics in order to survive, trend and be controversial; expounding on the unethical, unacceptable concepts only to promote themselves as brilliant mavericks. Well ,I find this not only inappropriate of them but quite sophomoric.

Take for instance, _#lambanyonyo_by Willy Paul, what is this? He has done quite a number of good ones but this one …what is he selling? Then we have _#wamlambez #wamnyonyez #pekejeng_ …seriously??? I do admire this group’s perspicacity as well as their talent and energy, all the same disliking some part of them, content- wise to be precise.

I mean, can’t these artists come up with decent lyrics, lines one can hum on with elders around, lines they themselves can jam on in their 70s, lines a parent won’t be embarrassed in front of his children? Sooner or later these artists gonna be family men , is this the stuff they’d like their children to buy ?Cannot they compose something decent, legit and suitable for the whole society?

Why are these artists making music seem a type of insanity? This type of music is not normal , it is an abnormal normalcy, something is surely wrong . In all honesty ,this music is unorthodox, do you know what thunder in the mind this type of music provokes in the mind of children? What shall we tell the next generation?

Amazingly, for an artist’s work to come to fruition , there are those other partakers – Producers – the ultimate bureaucrats working behind the scenes, seeking neither applause nor celebrity , merely making a living. However, are some of our producers producing these kind of uncivilized lyrics out of mere impetuousness?

Do they even contemplate them, let alone seek the message and the concept the songs are selling to the masses? Or it is not their business to know? Fine, let it be not. But, do they know the insights of the songs they produce affect them as they affect the artist?

If a song hits, well, it boosts the artist truly but it becomes a milestone for the producer and the opposite of this is real for both as well.
I appreciate our Producers, it’s a good thing they are unveiling talents , but its equally true that they are unveiling brain – damaged youngsters reaching out for a vision that wants nothing to do with them or the next generation. Turks chasing for clout.

Days ago , we were lulling on _#playkemusic_ and the media houses responded. Kenyan music started getting a lot of airplay and credit than ever before both locally and in our neighboring countries. What about the artists and producers, well the better part of them is very admirable and mature, only a few getting us barbarically fabricated and produced lines.


It is a free country, one doesn’t have to franchise on common sense , each and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and the constitution guarantees it. That is why I’m speaking my mind and no one can keelhaul me for it. I’m just concerned, what shall we tell the next generation?

For every deed the universe responds to the vibrations we make and we will either be condemned or congratulated on our deeds and no confessional absolution can change that .Can we be sensible, accountable and responsible of what we do?

Thousands upon thousands of mistakes have been made, many inexcusable, but a beginning was made. In all honesty, some song lyrics are mistakes and we can only realize them when we grow old and lose finesse.

Artists, Kenyans humor you and in some way pamper you by supporting you in all aspects and you must work hard towards delivering legit and decent content.

Where is usually the government to check on these vulgar artworks . Does it have to ban the songs after going viral and trending for weeks ? A closer scrutiny is needed in the entertainment industry otherwise the society will have lost it all before we realize. What shall we tell the next generation?

I am not addressing the concerned parties out of hate or jealousy, for that is only a descriptive abstraction, it is merely the reality, no hostility intended.

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  1. I really dont see where you are going tring to prove points that have already be done by the like of nicki, riri, cardi, jay z, kanye, and not forgetting our very own samindo the content brought by 21st century music just put it in black white so go get a little knowlegde about your “facts” and come back with an artical that states them we will still jam to wamlambez wamnyonyez in 40s and 50s deal with it

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