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The Only One Delo.

Stein Boy

Gengetone is a popular music genre in our country today. It has led to rise of stars, vixens, promoters, hypemen, deejays, directors etc. Moreover, it has received a high airplay by the local TV and radio stations. This has outdone naija & bongo hits from their earlier dominancy in the […]


Stein Boy

Nairobian TV is a local youtube channel show that is usually hosted by Ciku & Vinsky. It entails of many things which include music shows,celebrity interviews and many more.


Stein Boy

Women DJs are adding spice to the mix in clubs Across the world. At nightclubs, fashion shows and dance parties across the continent, DJs are the essential ingredient for getting the crowd on its feet. But in most African countries DJing remains a male-dominated world where women have to fight to be considered equal.

Matioli; TUK Finest


Every day there is a new internet star on the rise. If you are an avid Instagrammer you must have some favorite accounts that you like to keep tabs on. Personally I keep tabs on a lot of  individuals Matioli being one of them.

Cinderella’s Shoe

Christine Nindi

There are things in life that we’ll (or at least I) will never be able to understand. You just have to experience them. You just close your eyes and feel things that your mouth can’t start forming words out of. Interesting, right? You have no idea.

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