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AZZIAD:The Challenge Queen.

Azziad, as she is popularly known, is an actress and a content creator who came to fame after her tiktok video challenge. She had taken part in the utawezana challenge a challenge that came up from a kenyan hit song by Femi One featuring Mejja.

Her challenge video became the most trending and after which she was both criticized and appreciated by Kenyans. I happened to talk to her and this is what she had to respond.


Who is Azziad Nasenya?

Azziad is a second year student at Kenya institute of Mass Communication pursuing a course in Broadcast Journalism.

• Apart from creative content making, what else do you do?

I’m an actress in both theatre and Film productions and a content creator too.

• Do you have a hobby or a talent?

Yeah, I love watching movies and creating tiktok videos.

• Which is your best music genre?why?

I really don’t have a specific music genre. I usually listen to all types of music depending on my mood.

• You are now the Kenyan TikTok Queen, how do you feel?

I was actually crowned the Queen of Tiktok sometime last year, it’s a privilege and am very humbled when I hear people call me that since it’s something I love doing.

• In the recent past you were trending on social media, whats your take?

I felt so good because it was a reflection to me that people out there are appreciating what I do.

• Did you ever think that your ‘utawezana challenge’ would take you this far?

Nope, I really didn’t think it would take me this far. I’m really humbled.

• How are you coping up being a celebrity at such a young age?

I’m really trying to cope up with it through the help of my manager and my close friends too.

• Why did you think of having a manager even before the fame?

I discovered my potential a bit earlier thus is why I decided to have a manager even before I got myself into the industry.

• It’s said you went through sort of cyber bullying, is it true?

Yeah it’s true I underwent sort of cyber bulling which might affected me in one way or another.

• How did you overcome it?

The support that came from Twitter through a hashtag that I started really helped me. My family, my manager and my friends too helped me go through it. All I focused on was the positive energy that came out and did let the negativity flow away.

• Which challenges do you go through in your creative content making?

The main challenge is lack of ideas on which type of videos to create and post but with time they usually flow in my mind.

• Which is your dream that you’d like to accomplish in this life?

My dream has always been to go to Hollywood and become a big actress just like Lupita Nyong’o. I’d also like to become a tv/ radio host.

• You have had a lot of media tours, how does it feel..? any impact?

I am so humbled to all the Media houses for having me on some of their shows, they have really changed my life.

• Any advice or word of motivation to the girl child in this country?

To the Girlchild, just be you and live your life. Do not struggle to live someone else’s life or with an aim of impressing people. If you do so, then who will live the life you were destined for?

• Your advice to the youths of this country?

And to the Youths, always do what you love, be constitent and persistent and always strive hard to reach your goal.

• Which are your social media platforms?

Instagram: @Azz_iad; Facebook: Azziad Nasenya; Twitter: Azziad Nasenya: Tiktok: Azz_iad

• Finally what would you say to your fans?

To all my fans, Thank you for the support it really means a lot to me knowing that there are people out there supporting me in what I do, I’m really humbled and do love them all.

Special Thanks to Mr Peter Kawa for making it possible and to Azziad Nasenya. I wish you the very best in this journey. God bless you all.

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