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16 Amazing Look Outfits For Campus Girls.

Rita Otara

16 Amazing Look Outfits For Campus Girls.

Monday used to be my worst day of the week. Who am I even kidding? I used to hate every single school day. But this was until I discovered my magic, the thought of pairing, matching and ‘playing’ with my college outfits made me excited and eager for school and I made that my motivating factor every day.

College is one big puzzle on how you can look good without looking like you are trying too hard. So this article is dedicated to all the college girls who know the art of studying hard and making fashion statements at the same time.

Here are some college outfit ideas you can choose from

1. Matching sets Up

Late partying studying? This look will make you look well put together and elegant at the same time. You can pair with heels or sneakers to suit your personal style.

2. Puffy Sleeves

This trend has reemerged from the 80s and this time it is bigger, literally. It will give you that ultimate sophistication while adding a cute sense of playfulness.

3. Matching Pant Suit

Opt for this stylish monochromatic appearance to give you those official vibes. You can dress like this if you have a class presentation or meeting in college. Dress it down with pointed toe heels or sneakers for an elevated casual appearance.

4. Vintage Looks

This is definitely one of my best looks. A printed blouse paired with some wide legged pants will most definitely give you that authentic 1970 vibe. You can accessorize with a purse and add some chunk heels to bring the look together.

5. Chunky Knit sweaters

For the cold weathers, pick on this stunning look to give you that cozy appearance. Chunky sweaters, unlike many fashion pieces, will never go out of style and they can be paired with almost all types of apparel.

6. Skirt Looks

We all know how amazing skirts are during a school year. A well styled skirts can give you that feminine yet fashionable look. You can choose from a wide range of skirts, from pleated to denim and even asymmetric ones.

7. Silk and Satin

Silk and satin have classy and elegance vibes attached to them. Once you know how to style them, these pieces can offer one stop solution for all the seasons.

8. Dressed up White/Black Tee

There are literally more than a thousand ways of styling these basic wardrobe essential pieces. Select some jeans and white sneakers to give you the look of ‘Am chilled and fashionable and am not even trying’9. Summer Vibes

Flourish in your cute short layered clothes paired with boots. You can show some skin while keeping it comfy and sexy.10. Knotted Crop and JeansThis is a chic and classic outfit perfect for any college day. it doesn’t even require much thought and you can go from school to a party without needing a change of outfits.

11. Blazers and JeansBlazers have been in trend for a while and it is clear that they are here to stay. Choose an oversized blazer, they are in trend, and throw over your jeans and that alone can take your outfit from 0-100 instantly.

12. LayeringIf you are unsure about any outfit, just layer up. You can also layer up for the weather. Layering can be a little tricky and may be a little funky at times but once you figure it out, it is the best fashion statement you can opt to make.13. Spring Vibes

Spring is all about prints, flower, plaid, animal and mixed print, flaunt it all and be confident in campus.14. Palazzo PantsPalazzo pants were one of the most sought after college outfits this year and the reason is simple, they are very comfortable but very stylish. They can be paired with halter tops or bandeaus and some relevant and comfortable foot wear.

15. Add a belt or Statement Details

Belts are seriously the most underrated wardrobe pieces. They can elevate a look anytime. Statement details such as necklaces and earrings are also very important to keep your college outfit fancy.

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