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The Only One Delo.

Stein Boy

Gengetone is a popular music genre in our country today. It has led to rise of stars, vixens, promoters, hypemen, deejays, directors etc. Moreover, it has received a high airplay by the local TV and radio stations. This has outdone naija & bongo hits from their earlier dominancy in the […]

16 Amazing Look Outfits For Campus Girls.

Rita Otara

16 Amazing Look Outfits For Campus Girls. Monday used to be my worst day of the week. Who am I even kidding? I used to hate every single school day. But this was until I discovered my magic, the thought of pairing, matching and β€˜playing’ with my college outfits made […]


Stein Boy

Nairobian TV is a local youtube channel show that is usually hosted by Ciku & Vinsky. It entails of many things which include music shows,celebrity interviews and many more.


Stein Boy

Women DJs are adding spice to the mix in clubs Across the world. At nightclubs, fashion shows and dance parties across the continent, DJs are the essential ingredient for getting the crowd on its feet. But in most African countries DJing remains a male-dominated world where women have to fight to be considered equal.

Strip-at-ease – The G-string Lifestyle

Dennis Menez

Strip-at-ease – The G-string lifestyle Relatively new to Kenya, strip clubs are on the rise. Some cite the rapid urbanisation, Internet advertising and international influence for their rise. High pay also fuels the industry, as strippers say they can double the money they could earn at other jobs, where they […]


Phennskenya 1

Following the chicken-shit psychobabble so popular these days in the entertainment industry, I call your attention to this post. Let no one misunderstand nor misinterpret me, I really appreciate our artists and their talents. I believe most sane people have reasons for doing- saying things, artists also got reasons for […]

Rejection Is A Redirection.

njoki Kariuki

Imagine a lady rejecting a man or a man rejecting a lady only because they don’t ascertain that they are up to the level they may have wanted let’s say in terms of physical statue or even skin complexion not forget financial status which is mostly looked at by the female counterparts.

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